Lollapalooza 2012 is now a thing of the past. Time for a quick review of my mode of transportation – Megabus.

As an overview, Megabus is a bus company with low fares. It’s not as easy to navigate as Greyhound – from Cincinnati I can only go to Columbus, Chicago and Indianapolis. And if I wanted to take Megabus to somewhere on the East Coast, I’d have to travel 6 hours west to Chicago and hop on the bus back east to Cleveland, then take a bus to Pittsburgh and then take another bus to NYC or DC. And if I wanted to go to Orlando I’d have to take the bus to Indianapolis, from there to Louisville to Nashville to Atlanta to Orlando. Or I can just take a Greyhound. Their route map really needs to TLC if they want to really compete.

Now, onto the trip experience. It’s a double-decker bus, so there are loads of seating options, but the top deck did seem to fill up pretty quickly. There is also only 1 outlet per pair of seats on each side of the aisle, so be prepared to fight for that outlet if it’s a full bus.

The ride up to Chicago was uneventful. We loaded up our bags and grabbed our seats and the bus driver checked our tickets. We arrived at Union Station about 10 minutes or so late, so I can’t complain about that.

Coming back from a long weekend of sun and standing at Lollapalooza, the journey home was definitely less than desirable. The Megabus stop at Union Station is outside, so if you encounter inclement weather, you have no where to hide. With it being August, we only had the sun to compete with. We got to the stop about an hour before our scheduled departure, which it’s only recommended you arrive 30 minutes prior. But we weren’t sure what the traffic was going to be like, so we left early. Turns out we could have left about 2 hours later than we did because that’s how late our bus was. So we were left in the sun, standing around and waiting for our bus to hopefully show up. There was another guy waiting for our bus who took the initiative and called their customer service line to see what was going on. He was told there was something going on at their station where they cleaned and gassed the buses before they left and he would get a call when it was on it’s way. About an hour later, he got a call that it was on it’s way and it would be behind a bus heading elsewhere. Well, that bus showed up, and then about 5 more before our bus finally showed up. They really need to have an email system in place or something for when buses are getting held up like that. Airlines give you the courtesy of an email or phone call when they are running late. Why not Megabus? I would have much rather stayed in the air-conditioning of the hotel and slept in an extra hour than wait outside in the sun on a slab of concrete with the uncertainty of bus delays. Our driver, however made up for lost time. We were only late by about an hour when we arrived back in Cincinnati.

I will heed my own warning that I gave out for the dotcom hotel websites – you get what you pay for. Sure, the trip was shorter and cheaper than if I had taken a Greyhound bus. But given this experience, I will most likely go with Greyhound from here-on-out.